Jeff Myers and Liturgical Renewal

I have long read Jeff Meyers’ blog. He has always been an insightful voice in an age of liturgical phobia in our Presbyterian tradition. Seven years ago, Jeff Meyers, Leithart, Jordan, and others were part of a Reformed Liturgical Conference. This series, which, he has started is an updated version of his lectures in 2001 (I believe he is referring to these lectures, though it may have been in 2000). In this first article, he writes on why Conservative Presbyterians fear Liturgy. This is a promising series.

Incidentally, I have started to listen to the Reformed Liturgical Conference in 2001 before I knew about this series. The first lecture I listened to was by Peter Leithart on the Lord’s Supper. I shall write about these instructive and profound lectures.

Why Some Conservative Presbyterians Don’t Like Liturgy – Part I

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