Jim Carrey, Venezuela, and the Myth of Nordic Socialism

While Jim Carrey (net worth $150 million) proudly proclaims the virtues of socialism, I am reminded that only a few years ago Sean Penn, Michael Moore, and Bernie Sanders were proclaiming the virtues of Venezuela and her deceased leader, Hugo Chavez. Now, everyone–including Carrey–wants to distance themselves from Venezuela. The very policies praised and adored by Hollywood Chavistas are now decried as not a legitimate example of true socialism. “We will now praise the socialism of Nordic countries,” they say. But as it has been proven elsewhere the so-called Nordic socialism is a myth.

But the countries where socialism has been tried and tested and experimented with whether Argentina or Portugal, Ecuador or Bolivia (Evo Morales), Brazil or China the results are undeniable: the people continue to suffer and embolden the same tyrants who enrich themselves and fool the populace under the banner of “fairness,” “equality,” “distributionism” and the “common good.” Socialism as a system is a defeatist ideology. It ravishes populations and takes away their moral dignity.

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