Leave the Liturgy Alone!

A dear brother in Christ shared with me recently his amazement at the diversity within the PCA. Coming from a baptistic tradition and settling in a PCA congregation that is committed to the means of grace and a God-honoring liturgy that reflects a covenantal worship, this brother believed that other PCA churches would reflect the same commitment. His first experience in another PCA congregation revealed the shocking lack of harmony and commitment to a distinctly Reformed covenantal worship.

Author Jeff Meyers touches on this subject when he writes that his visit to a local Lutheran church brings him freedom that he does not “experience in Presbyterian churches that are constantly fiddling with the order and content of their liturgy (The Lord’s Service, pg. 10).” Indeed the fact is that most of the PCA is enamored with modern worship services that are largely framed around the ever-changing mega-church techniques rather than the unchanging pattern of holy writ.

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