Lenten Quote, Day 12

Christians are walking dead men. The Christian life is a kind of living death. We are learning to be broken, even as Jesus was broken. We are learning to give ourselves in costly sacrifice, even as Jesus did. We are learning to live the cruciform life. We are learning to give life to others by dying to ourselves, our desires, our agendas. Yes, the reality of bodily death awaits us. But having already died in Christ, we can approach our bodily death with hope, knowing that while death remains a foe, it is a defeated foe, and now serves our ultimate good. Death has defeated death, so, dying we live. Lent emphasizes that we live our whole lives under the sign of the cross — and in this sign we conquer! When you’ve already died, you have nothing left to fear. You are prepared to fearlessly serve God. You are set free to live for the glory of God and the good of your neighbor. You know ultimate victory over death is secure. You know nothing that can happen to you without serving your ultimate good. –Rich Lusk

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