Maundy Thursday Reflection

I believe that one of the greatest harms we can cause as Christians is to treat Jesus as a passion-less Lord. We tend to view him as a first-century philosopher who merely “informs our intellect…deposits new ideas into our mind, touching only the calm, cool, collected space of reflection and contemplation.” And add to that, we actually feel we are so distant from him that our wants, loves, and longings have nothing to do with our faith. Those things we so desperately desire are too trivial for this first-century rabbi to concern himself.

But what if I told you that Jesus Christ died for your desires and passions and longings? What if I told you that Jesus is infinitely hungrier to fulfill your desires than you are? What if on this Maundy Thursday Jesus says: “Dine with me and the kingdom will be yours!” The God of passion sacrifices his Son so that our sins are forgiven and our true passions restored.

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