Merry Epiphany!

As the season of Epiphany unfolds before us, we need to be reminded that Epiphany has every potential to be as merry as Christmas! Though the parties are not as many, the gifts still appear. Jesus receives gifts from the nations, represented by the magi, and in turn he gives himself to the nations. For this reason, Epiphany is merry! We give in tithes and offerings so Christ may give in spiritual gifts to his church.

Epiphany means a manifestation. We awaited Jesus, we celebrated Jesus and now we join Jesus in his work. Indeed we never cease to be like the magi. We continue to pay him tribute and worship him, and even more so now that the nations have tasted and seen the goodness of the Lord.

In our baptisms, we have given our lives to our Lord as a gift and now Christ uses that baptized body to enlighten the nations. We are walking lights; we are walking gifts to the nations. Epiphany can be just as merry if we give ourselves as baptized bodies to those around us. Let us begin this sacred task by giving ourselves to one another in worship as we sing cheerfully and confess humbly before God and man.


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