Mr. Trump, give Christians what they want!

Party loyalists who overlook the president’s moral failures, his lack of political coherence on certain affairs, his discombobulated tweets and his incessant hunger for uproars need to check their principles.
The Christian does not think as a party-aficionado first, he thinks as a biblical image-bearer. He needs to see evil and wrong and opine against such deeds whether it fits our narrative or not. I believe any conservative who understands political history and theory is capable of seeing many faults in our current president. In fact, the wise conserver(tive) of truth see untruths whether from the lips of a Republican or a Democrat.
At the same time, it is clear to assume that the president’s unorthodox ways have shaken liberalism’s tree leaving it partly naked. I think it is right and good for liberalism’s anti-christian agenda to be exposed for what it is. It is like the seat of the scornful full of deceit and lies. Among the many lies articulated is the lie that life in the womb is disposable; a product of a male and female misfortune that now must suffer a painful death. This devilish lie needs to be revealed as a sacrament of paganism.
At this stage of history, we need to see that our current president is at a position to pick someone to the Supreme Court of this country that will likely shape moral, legal policies for a generation. Let’s refuse to play this neutrality game where we simply ask for a conservative judge (see O’Connor). Conservative presidents of the past have nominated judges who ended up swallowing the false premise of neutrality and have made disastrous decisions. My prayer is that Trump will honor the pro-life cause nominating someone who will uphold the fundamental principle of life; for, without life, the concepts of liberty and justice are mute.
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