New Kuyperian Press Publication! Taking Your Faith to Work: How Christians Can Succeed in Secular Careers by Dr. David Goetsch

Kuyperian Press is proud to announce our third publication.

Dr. David Goetsch has been in the academic and business worlds for over four decades and has become a prized consultant in those fields. This latest publication–originally published by American Visiona–is an accessible treatment for the young and older Christian. The question of how we should take our faith to work is an especially salient matter at this day and age. In this work, the author offers not only wise insight into how a Christian ought to conduct himself in secular environmentsb, but also lays out a vision for a disciplined Christian pattern of work.

You can order the kindle edition NOW!

You can hear my interview with Dr. David Goetsch here.

  1. they no longer do printed works  (back)
  2. by secular I am simply referring to environments that are not explicitly Christian in orientation or in vision  (back)
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