Order and the Table: A Communion Meditation

There was once a father who believed in boundaries. He clearly defined them for his family. Sometimes the children thought the boundaries were too much. Since the father was gracious and kind, the children would ask the father about the nature of these boundaries. The father would carefully explain why they were necessary. The children did not necessarily like the boundaries, but they trusted their father. As they grew, the boundaries became fewer and fewer. The children were becoming accustomed to the boundaries and the routine they produce. They liked the fact that they knew what to do and what not to do. So, they assembled and formed a committee called CCPB—children concerned for the permanence of boundaries.

They approached their father and said: “Father, we don’t like that you are giving us more freedoms. We don’t think we are ready to live without these boundaries. We are surely going to perish.” The father hugged that lovely committee and said: “My children, it is time for you to take my boundaries and apply it to your new communities. You need to embrace your new freedoms and create your boundaries based on what I have taught you.”

The committee quickly disbanded and went their way eager to apply order to their new-found freedoms.

Beloved, our freedoms are never devoid of boundaries. Order is always on the table; without it, the table comes crashing down. Our Lord gave us this orderly institution. We are not to follow it mechanically, but joyfully. The same God who gives us order is the God who gives us abundant joy.

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