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Note: Since this paper has caused so many comments and since it has been quoted in other sites, I’d like to point out that Senior Seminar was a class where we reviewed certain important issues in the Reformed world. This semester, we dealt with the New Perspective on Paul and Federal Vision. Since most of us in the class are soon planning to be ordained, Dr. Kidd found it helpful to review these issues before ordination. As such, we read six books Pro and Con and divided them into different sections for presentations. Since my interest is in the Federal Vision, I chose this topic. The presentations were to be 500-700 a word summaries of our reading of a particular chapter or a broader issue relating to the topics discussed. I chose to deal with the broader issue of Presbyterian identity and personalities in this presentation, though I deal briefly with Waters. This is was one of eighty presentations in the class. Though I favor the general thrust of FV proponents, the vast majority were either skeptical or negative towards Federal Vision ideas.

Here is my presentation for Senior Seminar in word format entitled: Waters, Presbyterian Identity, and Big Personalities

Link: second-presentation-for-senior-seminar.doc

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