Seminary in the 9th inning

It is remarkable indeed how ferocious the end of a semester can come upon you. In two weeks I will have concluded my third semester at RTS/Orlando. In order to ease the overwhelming tension of book reading, note-taking, and more book reading, I thought I would diminish my depressive tendencies and buy a few books, well, maybe quite a few books. Among them, one of my favorite classics by Leithart and a host of other “essential” goodies for my ever growing library.

As the year ends, we celebrate the Advent of our Lord. It is the beginning of all things. All of history climaxes in the Advent. It is beyond comprehension how the unborn Jesus in the incarnation in his mother’s womb never ceased to uphold the world. Christ has come on behalf of His Father to bring the world to Himself. Amen

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