Shepherds and Wolves

Calvin observes in his commentary on John 10:

No plague is more destructive to the Church, than when wolves ravage under the garb of shepherds.

False shepherds are everywhere. This is a further call for ministers to uphold truth. Societies, and the greater society, the Church, can only stand firm if it is unified in truth. Take truth away and the foundation crumbles.

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2 thoughts on “Shepherds and Wolves”

  1. Can this possibly be rooted more deeply than the requirement of love? John 21:15ff? Truth flows from the love of the undershepherd for the Shepherd?

  2. I would not limit truth to propositional statements. Truth is also lived out. Thus, love is inherent in truth. Truth that is unlovely is unattractive. Yet, this demands a new post.

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