I am sorry!

This video is sad and hopeful at the same time. Listen to it and pass it on to others. There is hope for those who have fallen prey and succumbed to the pressures of the death industry called abortion. God has not abandoned you. He is here ready to embrace you and offer his forgiveness. Though women are guilty of making these life-ending decisions, they are usually led by the pressures of boyfriends who persuade them that a child would ruin their lives or plunge them into poverty, or other form of manipulation.

While some in the comments’ section decry such a powerful video, others find freedom and forgiveness in them:

Thank you gentlemen for the apology.  As a woman who aborted her child, mainly because the father of the baby didn’t want the responsibility of the baby, your apology will help many women hurting from aborting their babies.  My baby’s father refuses to acknowledge  his part of the pain I have endured from aborting our baby.   There will be women who will claim you have no right to say what you are saying, but I want you to know they don’t speak for those of us who get it.  Again thank you so much!!!


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