The Advent and The Fullness of Time

But when the fullness of time had come…

Calvin writes that “that season is the most fit, and that mode of acting is the most proper, which the providence of God directs.” The season and time of the arrival of our Lord is no nugatory footnote. It is indeed, a sufficient representation of the majestic divine decree of God. It was that time and no other that the King of glory should come.

As Cavin notes, “Let no man presume to be dissatisfied with the secret purpose of God, and raise a dispute why Christ did not appear sooner.” Christ came at that time because God decreed that moment in history to experience the triumph of His coming. That moment, that fulness of time, introduced to the world the intra-Trinitarian secret of all ages past, even before the world began. It was at that time and no other.

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