The Dominion Covenant

I have begun reading through some portions of Gary North’s first work on Genesis as I read through the biblical account of Genesis. In this 1982 commentary, North attempts  to offer a distinctly Christian view of economics. Going against the vast secular economic agenda and the agenda of many Christians who find economics to be an area of neutrality, Gary North offers at the very least a framework to begin thinking biblically about economics.

North argues that neutrality is a myth, and that creation is directly linked to Providence. “God did not create a self-sustaining universe which is now left to operate in terms of autonomous laws of nature (1).”

Though so many of the older works published by ICE in the 80’s are no longer seen with the enthusiasm it had back then, I strongly urge Christians to consider this economic paradigm. Quickly he will begin to discover that the present paradigms offered by our political leaders and so-called economists truly do not offer us a remedy, but a band-aid to the current woes that assail this nation.

North has done a great service to the Christian community, and he would be the first one to admit his excessive enthusiasm in some applications, but at least he offers something. And to quote Gary North, “you cannot beat something with nothing.”

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