The Federal Vision in Two Minutes or Less, Part II

Part I

Since we acknowledge that there are differences and nuances being articulated in Federal Vision circles from the standard Reformed dogma in this day, then the next priority for anyone studying the matter is to be able to understand it well. Once an individual concludes that it is his duty to disagree, Wilson says, “at the bare minimum you should be in a position to state the position that you are opposing,” such that your opponent can say that that is what his position teaches. In understanding Federal Vision theology, grasping crucial nuances are essential to get at the heart of the debate. It is important to go Ad fontes, back to the sources. The web provides valuable resources in this respect. No one can say in this day that FV advocates have not provided sufficient information to understand their position (FV Resource site). However, even with all these resources, Bill DeJong still proves that some really are not that concerned about properly representing FV theology.

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