The Federal Vision in Two Minutes or Less, Part IV

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On this fourth post in a series of introductory remarks on the Federal Vision, my intention is to summarize Douglas Wilson’s two lectures on the Federal Vision, while adding a few salient remarks of my own. For a more in-depth study of this issue, one can visit

Wilson argues that in this controversy it is very easy to assert certain propositions and treat them as the final and sole arbiter of what is true reformed theology.  But, asserting these doctrinal propositions as the final word on what reformed theology is is too simplistic. There is too much nuance in theology to narrow 400 years into a few propositional statements. Further, as Wilson observes, no one who is connected with the FV controversy has been censured, excommunicated, or defrocked. This is an important point to make. Of course, denominations have made accusations, but those sympathetic to FV concerns are still in the PCA, OPC, and other Reformed denominations. As Doug points out: “No denomination has said ‘Smith, you’re out!'”

Wilson concludes by asking that those observing and analyzing the FV consider the entirety of the debate. In other words, do not look at the first three months of the debate, but rather, to the last eight years. A lot has happened in eights years, and in eight years positions are refined and clarified.

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