The Pain of Charlottesville Reveals an Act of False Worship

You are what you worship. What happened in Charlottesville is a theological reaction against true worship. Racism and violence come from a people who have created a god in their own image. The god they created is a self-serving and self-consuming deity that devours the good, true, and beautiful and spits out a fully grown sin that leads to death (Jam. 1:15). It is a god that deceives man and allures him with the whisper of superiority. And fallen man eagerly bows before evil to taste a vaporous glory.

But the end of all false worship is death.

The God of all justice will restore man to true glory, and we who watch from afar the misery and injustice suffered by others must humble ourselves and bow down before the cosmic LORD who demands of all tribes, tongues, and people, “Come to me and worship at My feet for under my rule is true and everlasting life.” #Charlottesville #grieving

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