Theology and Missions

We are typically placed in scenarios where we have to decide between false choices. Either theology or missions? But this is not a question we have to answer, because in Jesus we have the greatest theological fact of history: the fact that he embraced our humanity and became like us. Jesus’ arrival on planet earth through a virgin birth was a missional arrival. He came to be for us a theology to be embraced and to set a mission to follow. Jesus came as a missionary from heaven’s mission agency and now calls us to participate in his mission of making earth like heaven. Theology is mission and mission is theology. These are inseparable.

This is why when we eat bread and drink wine we are not communing based on an abstract theology of the death and resurrection of Jesus, but on a theology that actually moves us to enter into his missionary story. Jesus comes as bread from heaven to heal broken humanity. He comes as the new wine to give humanity hope. We are not bound by false choices. Our choice is to follow Jesus and to commune with He and his people.

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