How to Treat Abusers

Jeff Crippen over at a Cry for Justice  does good work in reminding pastors and counselors once again how not to treat abused victims. In elaborating on I Samuel 17, Jeff uses the illustration of David and Goliath to make a crucial point:

My point is that this far too common business of Christians telling abuse victims that they must not ever raise their voices to their abuser, that they must speak kindly to them always, that they must endure suffering and patiently await that big day when Goliath gets born again — this business has to stop. Stern stuff is quite appropriate: calling the police, leaving, divorcing, drawing firm boundaries, getting restraining orders, exposing the abuser for what he is to his church.

Pastors have for far too long offered a haven for abusers while leaving the victim exposed, terrified, and hopeless.

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