Trinity Talk: Discussing the Jason Stellman Case

In this episode, our guests discuss the recent case of Jason Stellman, the former prosecutor of Peter Leithart who resigned his PCA and Reformational badge. This is an informative, concise (nine minutes), and fruitful discussion.

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One thought on “Trinity Talk: Discussing the Jason Stellman Case”

  1. I’m sorry brothers, as a Protestant I can fully see in the early church a line of authority emanating from the five leading bishops in the first 1000 years of the church. Look at the 7 ecumeniacal counsels. If you study them, you will be hard to find any scripture alone faction in the group. So when I listen to the PCA gentlement on this disscussion, I have to wonder how much objectivity was involved in there church history study. However, a case can still be made why protestantism will bring you by GOD’S Grace into the loving arms of our Savior JESUS CHRIST. And that, and that alone is what we should boast in.

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