Well-Behaved or Godly Children?

It needs to be stressed that our goal is not well-behaved children, but godly children. Godliness produces biblical joy and spontaneous smiles through life. There is a certain kind of well-behaved child that displays every sign of life but lacks a genuine interest in life. He says the right things, amens the Christian cliches and smiles at the mechanics of day-to-day interactions but within express a disdain for relationships and true holiness. Parents, don’t confuse both; cultivate “heart religion” by digging into your child’s emotions and imaginations. Bring out in daily conversations the heart of the matter so that the matters of the heart can be discussed and engaged. Don’t assume that right answers and right posture produce biblical godliness. Child-rearing is a daily interruption into a child’s life to awaken him from his slumber.

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