What do you most love? Community or Self?

When we lose our love for the body, we replace it with ideological or technological addictions. For example, men who in their 20’s & 30’s engage in long cycles of gaming or gambling are substituting the community for a self-created reality. This engagement leads to aloneness which is a consequence of neglecting the gathered assembly (Heb. 10:24-25). The hard part is being involved in a divine community; the easy part is to find alternative realities to substitute God’s Church. And the evangelicals (my people) are happy to swim in their own reality.

Put 20 evangelical men from the ages of 18-30 in a room and ask them, “What do you most love to do?” What would their answers be? I seriously doubt they would bask in the glories of God’s redeemed community, the Church. They would probably alternate between a love of sports, gaming, political ideologies, etc. Yet, nothing is more beautiful to King Jesus than Zion (Ps. 87:2); of her, glorious things are spoken. Community is life. Choose you this day.

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