When Being Busy is Not Enogh

C.S. Lewis once said that a Christian can’t always be defending the truth, sometimes he needs to feed on it. Over the years I have seen Christians exhaust themselves in ministry work. They overwork, overreact and sometimes enter into long stages of depression. And while depression can be rooted in many things, it is likely that many become overwhelmed not by the work of the ministry, but by doing ministry by the power of their own work. Even our Lord rested and refreshed himself for the work ahead. To be busy is not always a badge of honor, many times it is a badge of dishonor. We are created for Sabbath and when we don’t honor Sabbath we are acting as anti-image bearers. We are created to rest in the finished work of Jesus. So, as the weekend approaches, feed on God’s truth. The weight of the world is not on your shoulders. Jesus carried the world for you. Feast and rest in this truth.

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