Woman as the Glory of Man

Paul calls the woman “the glory of man” (I Cor. 11:7) because it is the order of creation. The woman is the last thing God makes. She is made to complete man; to finish what man starts. And in life, this reflects the fact that men are leaders and women completers. God designed us that way. Women, your role is to glorify things. Husbands, if your wife is your glory then you need to grasp what glory is. Proverbs 12 says that an excellent wife is the crown of her husband. Glory is a crown. A king views his crown as his glory. It gives him honor. And his honor is to be respected. As one pastor wrote: “The wife is to the man what the shekinah glory is to the tabernacle.” Israel protected the glory of the tabernacle. Israel cared and elevated the reputation of that glory. Man, you are to guard what Adam failed to guard. You are to treasure what Adam failed to treasure. Your wife is your glory.

Update: I was asked whether Adam was a bad husband before the Fall.

Answer: No, he was a faithful husband before the Fall. The fall entails a number of failures. Of those failures, the failure to protect the bride from being deceived is one way in which Jesus became a better Adam by being faithful to his bride. Adam’s multi-faceted failures become Jesus’ multi-faceted victories as the Second and Final Adam.

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